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Many leagues, server owners and (therefore necessarily) players are using the global registration of players and groups offered by the BZBB. That's why you can find here a few additional information about registered players. Since it's somehow tricky to get these data, the following data can be requested in long time intervals and updated delayed only.
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Current callsign Starski
Rank Private First Class
User account status enabled
Posts 93+
Membership since 2008-01-06 18:01:49 UTC
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Official profile Starski
BZstats profile Starski
Previous callsigns Arch, Buddha, chuigo, D A N J I, dan the man, Dani, Danji, Danji [E], Danji [X10], Dann, Danni, DTG, F L A N C O, Flanco I, Gromlin I, Guard, Heart Pulse, Hem Lorta, hon, knick knack, line, Raab, raab himself, Royal Flush, Rudi, S L A Y E R, SLAYERcL, Sputnik, Terror, TON, Ursa Minor, yaab himself, Youssarian, Zantu, [knick knack]
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