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Release Bezeichnung Veröffentlichung Protokoll Changelogeinträge
2.4.18 Do You Hear What I Hear? 2018-10-18 --- 1
2.4.16 Reduce, Reuse, Replay 2018-09-23 --- 6
2.4.14 Hello Motto 2018-05-02 --- 25
2.4.12 Silence is Golden 2017-10-29 --- 22
2.4.10 This is How We Roll 2017-03-12 --- 13
2.4.8 Sixteen 2016-10-10 --- 9
2.4.6 Eight, Our Codebase is Overweight 2016-06-26 --- 13
2.4.4 Be My Valentank 2016-02-14 --- 109
2.4.2 Doomsday Edition 2012-07-28 --- 13
2.4.0 Wake the Dead 2011-07-03 --- 33
2.0.16 No Foolin' 2010-04-01 --- 12
2.0.14 This isn't the release you are looking for. 2010-02-15 --- 22
2.0.12 The release without a name. 2008-06-25 --- 22
2.0.10 Never Say Never 2007-11-16 BZFS0026 63
2.0.8 Oops, Happy Mother's Day 2006-05-13 BZFS0026 6
2.0.6 Good enough for now 2006-04-09 BZFS0026 29
2.0.4 Shiny 2005-09-30 BZFS0026 69
2.0.2 Queen of Maybe 2005-03-18 BZFS0026 42
2.0.0 Falcor's Despair 2005-01-17 BZFS0026 129
1.10.8 lightning strikes back - list server returns 2004-10-05 BZFS1910 3
1.10.6 the little hop 2004-05-14 BZFS1910 15
1.10.4 not a smurf 2004-01-24 BZFS1910 62
1.10.2 --- 2003-12-23 BZFS1910 27
1.10.0 - was 1.9.x Break the world 2003-12-09 BZFS1910 60
1.7g2 - was 1.7g1 Steely Eyed Banana 2003-06-17 --- 38
1.7g0 - was 1.7e7 Holy Dancing Monkeys 2002-12-08 --- 25
1.7e6 - was 1.7e5 Armoured Smashing Fist 2002-06-19 BZFS107e 46
1.7e4 - was 1.7e3 --- 2001-11-27 BZFS107e 35
1.7e2 --- 2001-04-17 BZFS107e 6
1.7e1 --- 2001-03-10 BZFS107e 24
1.7e - release 000 --- 2001-01-26 BZFS107e 16
1.7d - release 9 --- 2000-02-01 BZFS107d 3
1.7c - release 2 patch 3 --- 1999-06-13 BZFS107c 4
1.7c - release 2 patch 2 --- 1999-06-13 BZFS107c 1
1.7c - release 2 patch 1 --- 1999-06-13 BZFS107c 5
1.7c - release 2 --- 1999-06-13 BZFS107c 18
1.6 --- 1997-07-17 --- 0
1.5a --- 1997-03-27 --- 0

2.0.10 "Never Say Never"
Veröffentlichung: 2007-11-16
Protokoll: BZFS0026
  Fix for memory leaks
von: Bernt Hansen
Word filtering is case insensitive
von: Joshua Bodine
Added a work around for buggy DRI open source ATI drivers and the narrow flag
von: Jeff Myers
Add /modcount command
von: Joshua Bodine, Anonymous
Fix bug where users get locked into autopilot mode
von: Joshua Bodine
Fix bug where poll results would not be announced
von: Joshua Bodine
Fix antikill notice bug
von: Joshua Bodine
Add -adminlagannounce and -lagannounce
von: Thomas Stauer
Check for talk permission for part/quit messages
von: uso
First map no longer ignored in Start Server menu
von: Ravu al Hemio
Implemented Confine Mouse for Windows platforms
von: Daniel Remenak
Implemented fullscreen->windowed mode toggle on Windows
von: Daniel Remenak
Add the rabidRabbit plugin
von: LouMan
Add packet loss kick and related admin commands
von: Thomas Stauer
Reclaim lost memory from sound sample
von: Tupone Alfredo
Fixed bashism on debian rules
von: Ryan Kavanagh
Add the rabbitTimer plugin
von: L4m3r
Fix some segfaults when re-joining
von: Tupone Alfredo
Compliance with gcc-4.2
von: Tupone Alfredo
Fix the build system to be more distro friendly
von: Tupone Alfredo
Plugins get flag resets/spawns/grab/drop/transfer
von: Jeff Myers, Bernt Hansen
Fix compiler problem with gcc-4
von: Tupone Alfredo
Fixed high fps problem
von: Frank Thilo
Added more info for observers
von: Jeff Myers, Frank Thilo
TorBlock plugin added
von: Jeff Myers, Scott Wichser
Optionally use mesh position and height for radar
von: Thomas Stauer
Add the regFlag plugin
von: Bernt Hansen
Fix memory leak from cURL
von: Scott Wichser
Add the Phoenix plugin
von: Jeff Myers
Add favorite server
von: Frank Thilo
SDL sound rate fix
von: Alfredo Tupone
Add bzID and server status to logDetail plugin
von: Bernt Hansen
Add -tkannounce to announce tk on admin channel
von: Bernt Hansen
Add the serverControl plugin
von: Bernt Hansen
Add keepaway plugin
von: LouMan
API calls to reset bzdb
von: Jeff Myers
API call to get the player pause state.
von: Jeff Myers
API calls to reload bans, and other files
von: Jeff Myers
API event for shot ends
von: Jeff Myers
API command to move a flag
von: Jeff Myers
Add API exposure for lag, jitter, and packetloss
von: Jeff Myers
Add koth plugin
von: LouMan
Add timedctf plugin
von: LouMan
Add teamflagreset plugin
von: LouMan
Add wwzones plugin
von: LouMan
FlagStay plugin added
von: Jeff Myers
Give everyone notice of pause messages
von: Jeff Myers
Fix for /silence command
von: Skeeve
Fix mousebox edge positioning
von: Mark Thomas
Fixed on spanish localization
Instructions to fix sound on ALSA added
von: Tupone Alfredo
Change filename format for easier location of matches
von: uso
Adding jitter kick and related admin commands
von: Thomas Stauer
Global banlist reload with local banlist
von: uso
Fix to spawned and lag attributes in bz_updatePlayerData
von: Matthew Marshall
Ability to change the killer in a PlayerDieEvent
von: Matthew Marshall
Added shotID to bz_PlayerDieEventData
von: Matthew Marshall
Expose the countdown and game time stuff to the api
von: Jeff Myers
Backport the record stop function from 2.1
von: Jeff Myers
Backported WW GMs from 2.1
von: Matthew Marshall
Converts box & pyramids to mesh if required
von: Anonymous
Allows leading face specification (x+,x-,y+,y-,z+,z-)
von: Anonymous
Authorization is invariant to case
von: Anonymous
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