First database update: 2006-10-27 17:10:03 UTC
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Global BZFlag Login

To avoid misuse of the BZBB weblogin service directly forwarded login requests have been forbidden on the part of BZFLAG.ORG. Therefore you now have to use...
login for paranoiacs
Below you can find a list of known keys for using the BZFlag client.
The key description is the same as the in-game description and is therefore available in English only.

Game mode keys
Key(s) Description
- time backward
1 set displayRadarRange 0.25
2 set displayRadarRange 0.5
3 set displayRadarRange 1.0
4 radarZoom in
5 radarZoom out
7 addhunt
9 autopilot
= time forward
A toggle slowKeyboard
B viewZoom toggle
F toggle displayFlagHelp
H toggleFlags radar
I restart
J toggleFlags main
K silence
O servercommand
P pause
Q toggleRadar
S toggle displayScore
U hunt
W toggleConsole
X toggle debug rendering [added by hand]
F1 fullscreen
F4 iconify
F5 screenshot
End scrollpanel bottom
F12 quit
Tab jump
Enter fire
Pause pause
Space drop
Delete destruct
Ctrl+Wheel Down viewZoom out
Ctrl+Wheel Up viewZoom in
Mouse Left fire
Mouse Middle drop
Mouse Right restart
Page Down scrollpanel down_page
Page Up scrollpanel up_page
Shift+F1 messagepanel all
Shift+F2 messagepanel chat
Shift+F3 messagepanel server
Shift+F4 messagepanel misc
Shift+Wheel Down radarZoom out
Shift+Wheel Up radarZoom in
Wheel Down scrollpanel down 3
Wheel Up scrollpanel up 3
Movement keys
Key(s) Description
Arrow Down drive reverse
Arrow Left turn left
Arrow Right turn right
Arrow Up drive forward

Messaging keys
Key(s) Description
, send nemesis
. send recipient
M send team
N send all
Z send admin
Alt+(F1|...|F10) quick keys to ALL [added by hand]
Ctrl+(F1|...|F10) quick keys to TEAM [added by hand]

Observer mode keys
Key(s) Description
L toggle displayLabels
F6 roam cycle subject backward
F7 roam cycle subject forward
F8 roam cycle type forward
F9 roam zoom in
F10 roam zoom out
F11 roam zoom normal
Alt+Arrow Keys move up and down while roaming [added by hand]
Ctrl+Arrow Keys rotate left, right, up and down while roaming [added by hand]
Shift+Arrow Keys move left, right, forward and backward while roaming [added by hand]
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