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To avoid misuse of the BZBB weblogin service directly forwarded login requests have been forbidden on the part of BZFLAG.ORG. Therefore you now have to use...
login for paranoiacs
Do you want to say thanks to someone?

Do you want to say thanks to someone?
I want to thank the following people:
He provides his server for free, cares to keep the BZstats up and running and discarded some of my (useless) ideas.
BZFlag server owners
They do not block my scripts - yet.
League admins
They grant access to their data (special thanks to menotume and Zongo!).
Chestal, for providing some ideas and translating the FAQs into English
Skeeve, for writing the Javascript code which converts UTC to local date and time.
SportChick and kierra, for lots of testing and reviewing the english FAQs.
my parents
They don't know that I invested so many hours in this project instead of pursuing my studies - and they still pay for me :o)

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