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Welcome at!
This is the first version of BZstats. After a relative successful test of the preceding proof of concept, this web page is primarily designed to find BZFlag servers and players on the Internet without using the BZFlag client.
Beside the implementation of the most active leagues you can also find some other information here, like common BZFlag related stuff and statistics for servers and players. Those will become much more during the next time.
All used data sources for this web page are publicly-available and automatically kept up-to-date. There's no direct connection between this web page and the project of the game BZFlag. So notices and suggestions for improvements are very welcome but (finally) I'll be the one who decides if they will be realized or not.
For further information about the BZstats or the use of the web page, have a look into the FAQs. If this isn't helpful or detailed enough you can send me an email.
Have fun... ;o)

Common statistics
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Servers  159   44,284 
Players  6   613,702 
Player sessions  10   20,414,538 

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3 Latest news
2016-02-29 22:02:20 UTC - strayer
Goodbye Ducati League,
goodbye GamesUnited League!

Welcome Leagues United!

What most of the players might already be aware of is the fact that the oldest league and the most active league merged to bundle all players and administrative resources under one roof. Therefore, the two time-honoured leagues were removed from the BZstats pages as well and replaced by the new one. May the players have fun playing on the huge set of available maps!

2014-01-04 23:39:00 UTC - strayer
Well, I'm reworking some backend data gathering scripts.

Today I fixed a typo in the BZBB profile thingy which didn't update the BZstats BZBB member information since November. Since grabbing the data from the forum pages was working correctly all the time, I just had to import the dumps for the last two months and fix the bug for automated updates from now on. So, no data are lost, all aliases (as long as they weren't changed within 24 hours) are available since 2009-03-18.

Next step will be to support the BZFlag's GIT repository to fetch changes in ChangeLog, Flags, Commands, Key Mapping, BZFS Options and Permissions...

2013-06-19 07:43:01 UTC - strayer
I'm so sorry for the downtime of the website!

It was caused by a failed DNS transfer.
During the downtime the stats were still running.
I apologize for the incovenience you had - even when it wasn't my fault. ^^

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