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2010-09-16 22:20:00 UTC - strayer
Just a short status update:
BZFlag World Cup was added in the leagues section.
The list of match servers was brought up-to-date.
The team and player profile links were linked to the new GU website.

2010-08-29 11:58:00 UTC - strayer
After another request for placing a "force refresh" link in the server profiles I finally allowed all logged in users to refresh the server data on demand. (You can thank Bambino who finally made me add this function.)

Some of the regular users with the setting to show monthly graphs for server activity (server details) might have noticed that very active servers caused problems now and then. The reason was pretty simple - the internal server memory setting didn't fit the requirements. That's fixed now.

2010-08-14 10:24:00 UTC - strayer
BZstats website and all of its services will be down for a while somewhen during this weekend because of a server software update.

2010-06-30 20:13:00 UTC - strayer
Since the Showdown League has been offline for a long while now - and after a consultation with the league's main admin - I removed it from the BZstats.

2010-06-12 11:24:00 UTC - strayer
Today, the data have been cleaned from old double entries for players (resp. player names). For performance reasons it was (and under special circumstances still is) possible to have multiple data collections for the same player name. Since a few players had trouble because of that issue, I felt it was time to merge these data.

2010-05-27 18:43:00 UTC - strayer
Many thanks to Brad who sent me an email with (a remarkable number of) match server updates for the leagues. Furthermore, he gave me a link to a web-based IRC client (called "qwebirc") hosted by This made it possible for me to include it in the same way as I did with the old CGI:IRC interface.

Have fun!

2010-05-21 09:49:00 UTC - strayer
I added the template for the new 2.99 server description details - LuaRules, LuaWorld, replay server. (This is the 7th server detail template.)

2010-05-16 12:43:00 UTC - strayer
It seems many registered BZstats users choose the theme "desktop". This one is pretty special since nearly all colors depend on the local computer's desktop theme (if browser and GUI support that). Different studies showed internet users do NOT prefer websites with a color theme similar to the desktop UI. :)

I had to fix a bug in my source code parser for BZFlag's key bindings. The bug affected the displayed bindings since 9 months and I didn't got aware of it...uhoh...

2010-05-13 23:39:00 UTC - strayer
Today I spent some time with bringing my PHP query scripts up-to-date and reading the SVN commit logs.
Fortunately, there weren't too many changes. Beside the return of the client's Lua scripting interface, the bzfs seems to send a strange lag state message to each new listening client connection. This behaviour is pretty annoying but something I have to live with. However, everything up to protocol version "BZFS0116" is readable. The corresponding BZstats server detail template will be uploaded soon.

2010-04-19 20:59:00 UTC - strayer

This is BZstats' official farewell for the good old 1.7x release servers. Since the last public server went offline at 2010-02-01 13:20 UTC, this part of BZFlag's history book seems to be closed now. :o(

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