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2007-12-16 18:25:00 UTC - strayer
During the last weeks there were some (mostly invisible) bugs that had to be fixed. One of them had been reported by blast/blast007. Thank you.. ;o)
Beside doing bug fixes I also modified the script of the stats that displays all players, because Jeff/JeffM/JeffM2501 was looking for a 'web monkey' to filter bots and observers. I wonder when the script will replace the current one.

2007-09-22 22:43:00 UTC - strayer
Since setting up this site and moving more and more BZFlag-related content/features from my origin site to this one, moving the online IRC chat too was a permanent item on the ToDo list. That's done now adn even the given league channels are linked to it. :)

2007-09-19 17:30:00 UTC - strayer
it was as annoying as always, but finally we ([dmp] and me) moved the domain, the subdomains and the websites to a new server. This server has more power and you'll surely get aware of it.

2007-09-08 21:49:00 UTC - strayer
Shame on me...
Beside the update problems during the last days (a non-reproducible bug), I noticed that BZstats' own fallback listserver wasn't working during the last weeks (probably months). This one-line-bug is fixed now.

2007-09-08 16:08:00 UTC - strayer
The Trix League has been added. Let's hope it'll become an attractive and active league.

2007-09-08 06:20:00 UTC - strayer
Tim Riker revived the 1.7 listserver and a game server. The end of BZFlag's 1.7 server era will come, but not today. ;o)
In case you want to get aware of the congeniality of the good old 1.7 version, feel free to install it and try a run. You will be surprised how many changes were done between 1.7c and 1.7g2; like the HUD that looks very similar in the current release.

2007-09-08 00:00:00 UTC - strayer
There weren't real improvements in the BZstats' code during the last months, but it seems to be time to place some log-like comments or news.

For the initial entry you get some common information:
- number of recognized players: 123,554
- number of recognized servers: 17,314
- number of supported leagues: 6
- number of allowed myBZbuddies: 60
- number of global registered site users: 200
- number of hours spent for this site: countless

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