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Global BZFlag Login

To avoid misuse of the BZBB weblogin service directly forwarded login requests have been forbidden on the part of BZFLAG.ORG. Therefore you now have to use...
login for paranoiacs
This section contains user-secific settings.
While not logged in users can only choose the site's language, design and font size, users with a global BZFlag login can do much more. Beside having the same options as standard users, they can also create and maintain a personal BZbuddy list and set some parameters about the way how the overviews over online players and online servers are organized. Another advantage of using the global login is saving all user-specific settings in a server-side database. This allows to load and use them if the user comes back to this site.
Only user's callsign, global bzID, last login time and saved site settings will be stored.

Top20 Popularity of myBZbuddies callsigns
Player Status Occurence
kierra offline 90
orbit offline 55
brad offline 51
menotume offline 48
ducatiwannabe offline 42
Constitution offline 39
ahs3 offline 38
quantum dot offline 35
R3laX offline 34
zaphod offline 34
Quol offline 33
Saturos offline 33
gorgomol offline 32
NTH offline 32
Tanx offline 32
benji 13 offline 30
Wayney offline 28
allejo offline 27
bartleby offline 27
catay offline 27

Top20 Sizes of myBZbuddies lists
Player Status # Callsigns
kierra offline 197
ZE BOZZ offline 150
Carioca offline 137
temporal distraction offline 128
Jefenry offline 107
ahs3 offline 105
LegoMan offline 103
djpenguin offline 102
Bambino offline 96
alcatraz offline 95
Jeep offline 95
crazystringgirl offline 94
Iskskskks offline 93
Pizzahead offline 88
rhapsody offline 88
indy offline 87
Propane Tank offline 83
CUPCAKE offline 80
ICU2 offline 79
Ride offline 78

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