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Callsign  Score Team Server Session Time
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 7d 12h 15min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 7d 12h 20min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 7d 12h 20min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 7d 12h 20min
alcatraz 54 Red 0d 00h 15min
Cluny the Scourge 0 Green 0d 00h 05min
diabolik 17 Green 0d 00h 10min
hallucinating 2 Green 0d 00h 05min
heheheheh (No Matter Where You Go....) -3 Red 0d 00h 05min
kierra 0 Red 0d 00h 05min
lax 9 Rogue 0d 00h 20min
LolZ -2 Rogue 0d 00h 10min
mdkid3me (ShotInTheBack...Agai n...) 12 Rogue 0d 00h 30min
MicroChip 3 Rogue 0d 00h 05min
Mustang() -6 Rogue 0d 00h 05min
ooof -7 Rogue 0d 00h 15min
pokrzewkA -1 Green 0d 00h 05min
pr8dan 70 Red 0d 00h 05min
pridyrok -2 Green 0d 00h 15min
Rasputin 26 Red 0d 00h 25min
Runruns (RR IS HEAR) 0 Observer 0d 00h 50min
sgalan 12 Red 0d 00h 20min
Sisko 6 Rogue 0d 00h 10min
StanDMan 5 Green 0d 00h 10min
StrayCat (bzadmin) 0 Observer 2d 10h 05min
The Police -10 Purple 0d 00h 10min
WHAMMO! 64 Green 0d 00h 25min
Worst_Player -4 Rogue 0d 00h 05min
YF 21 0 Observer 0d 00h 05min
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