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Callsign  Score Team Server Session Time
2ndAmendment -2 Rogue 0d 00h 05min
7magic 2 Green 0d 00h 05min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 7d 22h 55min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 8d 04h 10min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 7d 23h 30min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 102d 14h 55min
BEST MAm -5 Green 0d 00h 05min
Bevis -13 Red 0d 00h 05min
Big Pupo (former Chance? maybe) 53 Green 0d 01h 25min
Buster2 9 Red 0d 00h 05min
Diego_888 5 Red 0d 00h 40min
Enrico999 -21 Red 0d 00h 25min
GEP 6 Rogue 0d 00h 10min
Jan Kowalski 5 Blue 0d 00h 30min
lopes 9 Green 0d 00h 20min
matador -2 Green 0d 00h 25min
myself. 22 Red 0d 00h 10min
Sisko 12 Green 0d 00h 05min
Sleepy Joe -3 Blue 0d 00h 05min
sorry im just a silly machine 220 Red 0d 01h 05min
Stabucks Karen -1 Red 0d 00h 05min
ureeka_sumfin 4 Blue 0d 00h 10min
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