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To avoid misuse of the BZBB weblogin service directly forwarded login requests have been forbidden on the part of BZFLAG.ORG. Therefore you now have to use...
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Callsign  Score Team Server Session Time
00999R -98 Green 0d 00h 25min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 66d 20h 10min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 66d 20h 05min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 42d 13h 40min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 68d 10h 30min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 66d 19h 55min
baconbits -3 Green 0d 00h 10min
flmflmmer -1 Green 0d 00h 25min
GEP 32 Red 0d 00h 25min
Gleb44 (4444) -1 Red 0d 00h 05min
Grublet -8 Red 0d 00h 20min
Kettenhemd -2 Red 0d 00h 05min
kierra 7 Red 0d 00h 20min
macika -3 Red 0d 00h 10min
Misadventure 60 Green 0d 00h 45min
r2d1 27 Green 0d 00h 25min
r3 (bzadmin) 0 Observer 27d 17h 55min
r3 (bzadmin) 0 Observer 27d 21h 20min
r3 (bzadmin) 0 Observer 12d 16h 20min
r3 (bzadmin) 0 Observer 12d 16h 20min
rye 0 Observer 0d 00h 20min
Sudden Impact 0 Green 0d 00h 05min
tranga 11 Red 0d 00h 10min
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