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Global BZFlag Login

To avoid misuse of the BZBB weblogin service directly forwarded login requests have been forbidden on the part of BZFLAG.ORG. Therefore you now have to use...
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Callsign Score  Team Server Session Time
Ratlu (the real Ultar) 33 Green 0d 00h 40min
4erepaxa 24 Red 0d 00h 55min
Canon Bruise (Alone) 18 Green 0d 00h 30min
Mofo 12 Rogue 0d 00h 50min
Oejet (Get out there and train) 11 Green 0d 00h 15min
Onelap@Atlanta 9 Red 0d 00h 25min
WHAMMO! 7 Green 0d 00h 10min
alcatraz (.ro) 6 Red 0d 00h 05min
XI 5 Rogue 0d 00h 10min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 36d 08h 10min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 36d 07h 35min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 12d 05h 20min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 12d 05h 15min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 12d 05h 10min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 12d 05h 20min
kierra 0 Observer 0d 00h 15min
Paladin (Rampaging Sparkle Pony) 0 Purple 0d 00h 05min
Runruns (RR Is rekt) 0 Observer 0d 00h 55min
Tunneled Vision ThirdGrader 0 Observer 0d 00h 05min
::BlckDg -2 Red 0d 00h 10min
PfeifendePanzermeise -2 Rogue 0d 00h 20min
MOOM -3 Red 0d 00h 10min
genwei_ -4 Rogue 0d 00h 10min
Chakazar -5 Green 0d 00h 05min
SlashR -7 Rogue 0d 00h 15min
Kampfsau -14 Green 0d 00h 55min
susi -19 Blue 0d 00h 45min
toto42 -29 Blue 0d 00h 30min
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