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Callsign Score Team Server  Session Time
john galt (bzadmin) 0 Observer 11d 07h 20min
False Flag 0 Observer 0d 00h 05min
LASERBEAK (Red Horse) 1 Red 0d 00h 05min
Omega7 -1 Green 0d 00h 05min
pokrzewkA (Mavericks) 1 Red 0d 00h 05min
Squirrelly Girl (Red Horse) -1 Green 0d 00h 05min
Basteza 16 Red 0d 00h 20min
Chapu 2.0 -12 Rogue 0d 00h 15min
CLEY MORROW -4 Blue 0d 00h 15min
Mahou -5 Green 0d 00h 05min
Triple H 0 Purple 0d 00h 20min
tsunami01 6 Green 0d 00h 05min
Cowboy BeBop 0 Observer 0d 00h 05min
eaglecoach -3 Rogue 0d 00h 15min
alcatraz (.ro) 8 Blue 0d 00h 20min
SantamarTank -9 Red 0d 00h 20min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 10d 03h 45min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 10d 03h 40min
aresio 2 Rabbit 0d 00h 20min
diabolik -9 Hunter 0d 00h 15min
Speeeech -13 Hunter 0d 01h 00min
xxx -1 Hunter 0d 00h 15min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 11d 18h 05min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 11d 18h 05min
admin (bzadmin) 0 Observer 10d 03h 35min
alfa1 0 Observer 0d 00h 15min
a chunky monkey 132 Red 0d 00h 05min
Alone in the Dark 66 Red 0d 01h 00min
alpacax 15 Red 0d 00h 25min
Argon2 -33 Red 0d 00h 20min
Brazil 27 Green 0d 00h 40min
c3po 5 Red 0d 00h 10min
CNT-FAI 0 Observer 0d 02h 35min
coffee_cup 24 Green 0d 00h 25min
Dune 4 Red 0d 00h 05min
fake news (cOof coOf) 3 Red 0d 00h 05min
Joe 90 (Play time) 3 Green 0d 00h 10min
Kard1 14 Green 0d 00h 35min
MacGuffin -4 Green 0d 00h 05min
No1 -1 Red 0d 00h 05min
Rasputin (Raspy) 32 Green 0d 00h 20min
Rip Van Winkle -10 Green 0d 00h 10min
slite -3 Green 0d 00h 25min
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